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Stericurtain Reusable Curtains

Stericurtain is a reusable PVC coated curtain that has anti-microbial properties and a wipe clean surface which prevents the spread of infection. Unlike other rigid PVC fabrics, Stericurtain is a PVC coated polyester which gives it more flexibility to drape like a conventional curtain and can be safely used in hospital wards.


Reusable curtains are a far more cost effective and sustainable option than disposable curtains saving hospitals thousands in waste, facilities and laundry costs. You could be benefiting from a 76% reduction in curtain costs by switching to Stericurtain.


The fabric allows bodily fluid spills to be cleaned immediately using a detergent, unlike other absorbent fabrics. Manufactured from 100% polyester PVC laminated fabric which will not tear or stain.


  • Wipeable surface for quick and easy infection control
  • Overall cost saving compared to machine washable and disposable type
  • Saves the time on replacing curtains regularly (in Covid wards they were replaced every 15 minutes in London hospitals during the peak)
  • Save the environment on having to incinerate the disposable curtains
  • Saves the laundry cost and time on machine washable ones
  • Saves the problems of relying on long lead times for delivery
  • Can be installed and used for many years and cleaned using standard cleaning procedures and chemicals already used for surfaces in the healthcare sector
  • Flame retardant conforming to BS5867 Part 2 Type C for hospitals and healthcare environments
  • Biosafe® accredited


Available as standard in 3 widths with a 2m drop :–


3m (suitable for 2400mm track)

5m (suitable for 4000mm track)

7m (suitable for 5600mm track)


Select a size from the dropdown menu.


Colour - Light blue only.


Prices exclude VAT.


For made to measure sizes please contact us.

Manufactured on site in the UK for fast order turnaround.


Read this article on Disposable vs Reusable Curtains for more information.


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